Thursday, July 7, 2016

Creating a Google Cloud service account that can only create new objects in a single bucket

I wanted a service account that can only create new objects in a single bucket, and have those objects be publicly readable by default. Use case is a travis deployer that publishes build artifacts.
  1. create a service account. Currently this is under "IAM & Admin | Service Accounts" in the Google Cloud UI.
  2. In the IAM screen your service account is over-privileged, you can remove all privileges from the account here (which causes it to disappear from the IAM list). We will grant it permission over the bucket only.
  3. Create your bucket, then give the world access (you can also use AllUsers in the UI):
    gsutil defacl ch -u AllUsers:R gs://mybucket
  4. Give your writer access to the bucket. It seems there is no way to limit the permission to create only (options are read/write/owner).
  5. Test the permissions of your service account:
    gcloud auth activate-service-account --key-file mysecretfile.json serviceaccountname
    gcloud auth list
    # Check your service account is the active account, then try copying to the bucket you authorized, and another bucket which should fail.
    gsutil cp test gs://mybucket
    gsutil cp test gs://someotherbucket
  6. You can then set the default object permissions for the bucket via the UI so that new objects are world readable by default.

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