Monday, December 19, 2016

gcloud cheatsheet for GKE

This is by no means comprehensive, it's just some things I've found useful.

Get installed and auth'd:
gcloud components install kubectl
gcloud auth application-default login
Creating a cluster with a specific version:
gcloud config set compute/zone us-west1-b
gcloud beta container clusters create permissions-test-cluster \
    --cluster-version=1.6.1 \
Upgrading GKE:
# Get available versions
$ gcloud container get-server-config 
Fetching server config for us-west1-b
defaultClusterVersion: 1.5.7
defaultImageType: COS
- 1.6.4
- 1.5.7
- 1.6.4
- 1.6.2
- 1.5.7
- 1.5.6
- 1.4.9

$ CLUSTER_NAME="testing"

# Nodes
$ gcloud container clusters upgrade $CLUSTER_NAME --cluster-version=$CLUSTER_VERSION

# Master
$ gcloud container clusters upgrade $CLUSTER_NAME --master --cluster-version=$CLUSTER_VERSION
List containers in the google-containers project:
gcloud container images list --repository
Tags for a given container:
gcloud container images list-tags

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Google gcloud tool cheatsheet

Some gcloud commands I've found useful:
# See config
gcloud config list

# Change default zone
gcloud config set compute/zone us-central1-a

# Copy a file, default zone
gcloud compute copy-files some/file.txt cloud-machine-name:~/

# Copy a file, specifying zone for machine
gcloud compute copy-files some/file.txt cloud-machine-name:~/ --zone=us-west1-a

# Forward a port with ssh
gcloud compute ssh client-machine-name -- -L 8080:localhost:8080