Wednesday, April 10, 2013

mythmote listens on localhost by default

Mythmote is an android app you can install to act as a mythtv remote. No more messing with lirc. To get it working you need to first enable it in the frontend through the 'General' settings menu. Once you have restarted the frontend you should see it listening on the port you specified (6546 is the default).

A bunch of people are having trouble because the backend IP is set as '', and the frontend control socket doesn't allow you to specify a listen IP. So the frontend control socket just listens on the same address as the frontend: since I have a combined frontend and backend this was localhost. Which means your phone can't reach it. So you'll need to run mythtv-setup and set your IP under 'General Configuration' to the network-local IP of your frontend (probably 192.168.0.something). Don't do the horrible port forwarding or creation of an xinetd forwarder that has been suggested on this page.

You may also want to check your firewall rules since your backend/frontend is now listening on the network interface (i.e. is more accessible to the network), and you might need to open the port for the remote.

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