Tuesday, October 16, 2012

OS X Packaging (Luggage) Tutorial: hello world

Apple ships a GUI utility called PackageMaker to help you create .pkg files for deployment. It isn't included in newer versions of XCode, you'll need to download it, it's in the 'Auxiliary tools for XCode' package.

The problem is that reproducing builds with many different project collaborators is a PITA, enter The Luggage.

Here's a hello world.

Download git and clone and install the luggage.
git clone https://github.com/unixorn/luggage
cd luggage
make bootstrap_files
Write a simple Makefile (this assumes you have copied PackageMaker.app Auxiliary tools into /Applications):
include /usr/local/share/luggage/luggage.make
Create a dummy file to install, and build the dmg:
touch hello_world
make dmg
You'll get a Hello_World-20121016.dmg containing Hello_World-20121016.pkg, that when installed will create /usr/local/bin/hello_world

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