Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ruby string manipulation: struct, split, join

Every time I write ruby it seems like I have to re-learn everything. To shortcut the process for next time here is a snippet that demonstrates some string handling by parsing the output of lsof (OS X format). Ruby structs are the equivalent of python namedtuple, very handy for splitting up strings in a sane way.
def parse_lsof(lsof_out)
  net_listener =, :pid, :user, :fd, :type, :device, :size, :node, :name, :status)
  output = []

  # strip header line
  lsof_lines = lsof_out.split("\n")[1..-1]

  lsof_lines.each {

    line_array = line.split("\s")
    listener_o =*line_array)
  return output.join("    ")

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