Thursday, August 20, 2009

What's wrong with Zabbix

I have been using Zabbix for monitoring for a while now, and have been really happy so far. Today I ran into some things that are really annoying:

  • You can't change the X-axis on any graph. It is always time. The time period can be adjusted using the little calendar app in the bottom left corner of the browser. I don't really like this approach. I'd like to also be able to specify time periods per screen, because what makes sense for one graph may not work for all the others.
  • You can't have a graph of one item (e.g disk-usage) across all hosts. Suck! I want to have a graph of OS versions on the y-axis and hostnames on the x-axis. Not possible!
  • net.tcp.listen[port] isn't supported on linux(?) - you will need to use net.tcp.port[,port] instead.

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