Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Zabbix monitoring tips

Random Tips

  • The zabbix server comes with some great example graphs, copy these to your own templates and every host linked with the template will have them available to use as screens.
  • You can disable an item/trigger inherited from a template for just a single host by disabling it in the hosts view (not the template).
  • If you delete an item, triggers depending upon that item will automatically be deleted.
  • The multi-value graphs you can create under the graphs tab are way better than the 'simple
    graph' type available in the screens menu.
  • You can automatically add hosts discovered through automatic discovery to templates (and do many other things) using actions under the actions tab.


I got the following error from the zabbix agent daemon (zabbix_agentd):

Can't find shared memory for collector

Restarting didn't help, but deleting the shared memory objects did:

ipcs -ma to list the objects
ipcrm to delete the objects owned by the zabbix user

Restarting the zabbix daemon and killing off the defunct processes got me back into business.

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